Council Constitution

About the SES Council Constitution

The Council is responsible for developing and maintaining a school council constitution that outlines the way in which it will conduct its business. Every school council’s constitution must comply with both the provincial regulations and the OCDSB’s policies and procedures and, at a minimum, must include:

  • Council’s name, purpose, and objectives
  • Council’s Executive and general members
  • The responsibilities of the Executive and general members of our council
  • Council’s requirements for meetings, quorum, and voting rights
  • Council’s rules for conduct at meetings
  • The procedures to amend our school council’s constitution/bylaws
  • Council’s procedures for annual elections and filling interim vacancies
    (for example through election, rotation, or by seeking volunteers)
  • Council’s procedures to address any conflicts of interest
  • Council’s resolution process for internal school council disputes
  • Council’s affiliation with other organizations, such as the Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC)
  • Any other committees of our council and their membership

Council Constitution Revisions, Notes, and more:

SES Council Constitution 2022
Approved October 11, 2022

SESC Constitution Amendments
January 2015 

By-law on Banking authority, accountability, collection and transfer of monies
This has been included at the end of the Constitution document

Stonecrest Elementary School Council Constitution
Revised April 2006 
Original 2002-2003 

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